DPRU - DÜCHTING "Дюхтинг Насосы" (Russia & CIS)

DPRU is a new sales office in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Russian representative Duchting-nasosy GmbH was founded in order to offer customers the best technical support and an optimized information flow.

The possibilities of the Russian representation will be increased and custo-designed by a direct information channel to DÜCHTING PUMPEN in Germany. Bureaucratic obstacles such as the customs clearance of the goods by the customer will be degraded. A process optimization, cost reduction and shortened delivery times are only three supporting decision support for a new Düchting representation in Russia.

DPRU - DÜCHTING насосов Russia & CIS

DÜCHTING "Дюхтинг Насосы" (Russia & CIS)

Artem Tjukalov

Saint Petersburg,
Street Reshetnikova 15, office 434

T.:/F.: +7 81371 735 92

M.: + 7 951 6708 584


Kontakt Russia & CIS (in Deutschland)

Alexander Kovalchuk

Area Sales Manager Russia & CIS / менеджер по продажам в России и СНГ

Oleg Kalabukhov

Area Sales Engineer Russia & CIS / Заместитель директора по продажам в России и СНГ