DÜCHTINGs guiding principle is - class not just mass

As a medium sized specialised company, DÜCHTING investigates and occupies highly technical niches, always with the goal to continue to offer the best solutions to its customers. As an environmentally conscious company DP acts sustainably increasing extented.

We create products and solutions that help our customers to reduce environmental impact and save resources.

DÜCHTING PUMPEN builds strong relationships with customers, suppliers and prospects. As a global company with a local company spirit DP builds on the diversity, innovation and promotes growth.

Company History

In the 1950s, the company's founder, Wilhelm Düchting began with the construction of a pump factory - from his existing company " Repair shops Wilhelm Düchting " - where he and his colleagues repaired pumps from neighboring industry, predominantly mining. A specialry (or focus?) very quickly resulted in the repair of pit pumps, ie Drainage pumps from neighboring mines.

With the know-how from repair the company had already built is own pumps a few years later.