DÜTEC® Mechanical seal

Single-Acting Mechanical Seal

Developed by Düchting Pumpen, our single-acting, medium-lubricated, rotating bi-directional mechanical seal was designed specifically for use in the MC and MCC pump series.

DÜTEC mechanical seals are characterized by long periods of operation in the most demanding environments. A key feature of our DÜTEC mechanical seal is a spring pressurized adjustment plate arranged outside of the fluid medium. This eliminates the risk of developing medium deposits in the spring chambers, which could result in leaks and potential seal failures.

The DÜTEC mechanical seal is utilized for pumping highly corrosive and abrasive media. In the MC and MCC series, this seal ensures that all hydraulics in contact with the fluid medium are completely non-metallic.

Mode of Action

The stationary ring and rotating ring of the mechanical seal are forced together by the spring pressurized adjustment plate located outside of the fluid medium, as well as the hydraulic pressure formed during pump operation. The arrangement of the sealing gap between the stationary ring and the rotating ring, in combination with circulation holes incorporated into the impeller, prevent the accumulation of particles and air bubbles in the mechanical sealing area.