It is and has always been our endeavor is to improve our pump series and their components. The goal is to provide products to our customers that have the lowest life cycle costs because life cycle costs can soon exceed the purchase price of a pump.

With our technology, we draw on many ways to minimize wear, reduce energy costs and shorten maintenance times :


  • The proper selection of material plays an important role in minimizing wear. We are able to use almost any metallic material for our pumps and whenever technically possible and reasonable, we use our SICcast® material.
  • Especially in high energy multi-stage and large single-stage pumps operating near the best efficiency point is important in order to reduce energy costs. For this reason, we can choose from several impeller sets per pump, to ensure optimum operation.
  • Many technical details, such as the adjustability between the impeller and wear plate (or volute) for single-stage pumps, the wear indicator of the balance disc in multistage pumps and back pullout design help shorten maintenance times.