Quality through experience – since 1938.


Customized Solutions –

No exception but our standard.

The right solution for almost every application in which the transportation of fluids plays a role. The range of DÜCHTING PUMPEN essentially comprises the production of single-stage and multistage centrifugal pumps for several applications.


Quality through experience – Since 1938.

DÜCHTING PUMPEN is a 3rd generation, privately owned company headquartered in the Ruhr area of Germany.

We specialize in the field of advanced centrifugal pumps for use in the desalination reverse osmosis industry, flue gas desulphurization industry, mining industry, and the chemical pigment industry since 1938.

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Our motto “Customized Solutions – No exception but our standard” forms the basis of our sophisticated range of products. The capabilities of our company in the design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of our products is highly respected in the industries we serve.

The roundabout 120 DÜCHTING PUMPEN staff-members are committed to excellence, team spirit and commitment to the company and its products.


More than just pumps.

The right solution for almost every application in which the transportation of fluids plays a role.

DÜCHTING PUMPENs range essentially comprises the production of single-stage and multistage centrifugal pumps for several applications.


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The pump solutions of DÜCHTING PUMPEN are adapted in its design and construction to meet the demanding needs of the market.

DÜCHTING PUMPEN combines excellent service and innovative technology together to produce inteligent and efficient solutions.

With the highest standards, the employees of DÜCHTING PUMPEN have a global presence and are directly involved with our customers worldwide.


Class not just mass.

DÜCHTING  as a medium sized specialized company, investigates and occupies highly technical niches, always with the goal to continue to offer the best solutions to its customers.

As an environmentally conscious company, DP acts sustainably, in an increasing manner.


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We create products and solutions that help our customers to reduce environmental impact and save resources.

DÜCHTING PUMPEN builds strong relationships with customers, suppliers and prospects. As a global company with a local company spirit DÜCHTING PUMPEN builds on the diversity, innovation and promotes growth.

Our reputation is built on a sustainable corporate policy, efficiency, reliability, innovation and customer after-sales service.

one size fits one

Customized Pump Solutions

The product-range of DÜCHTING PUMPEN essentially comprises the production of single-stage and multistage centrifugal pumps for several applications.    


Quality Policy

To ensure top-quality products is one of our most important goals at DP.
Our quality assurance is thus an integral part in all of our work areas, covering among others our sales-, design-, purchase-, production- and customer service departments.

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For us at DÜCHTING PUMPEN, ensuring top quality does not only imply that our products meet current market requirements and legal regulations, but moreover that they fulfill the individual requests and specifications of our customers.
By continuously enhancing our existing quality assurance activities to become a QS-system and by documenting this process, we implement these high demands.
The supervision of our quality assurance measures lies in the hands of the head of this department, who directly reports to the management.

ISO 9001

The quality assurance at DÜCHTING PUMPEN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co KG meets international standards: The company was first certified ISO-9001 on February 3, 1995, following a quality assessment by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

The best proof of the consistently high quality in the “Development of single- and multi-stage centrifugal pumps made of metallic and non metallic materials” is the regular extension of the certificate. The certificate was last extended in February 2022 until January 2025.

ISO 9001 Zertifikat 31.01.2025 EN


The Purchasing Departement of DÜCHTING PUMPEN counts on its supplier loyalty, with no limitations in their flexibility.
The suppliers of DÜCHTING PUMPEN offer both competitive prices and high quality standards.

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As a global and sustainable company DÜCHTING PUMPEN is interested in companies that are internationally active. They should also meet the following criteria:

  • high quality
  • on-time delivery
  • competitive prices
  • flexibility

If your portfolio fits in our product portfolio, we look forward to receiving your company presentation. If necessary, DP Purchasing will contact your company.

Purchase Contact

Dennis Sundermeyer

T. +49 23 02 / 969 – 167
F. +49 23 02 / 969 – 128

Spare Parts

High-quality materials, best quality & excellent service, DÜCHTING provides customers worldwide with all necessary spare parts.
For technical advice, the competent DÜCHTING PUMPEN staff is available with comprehensive pump expertise.

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DÜCHTING PUMPEN advises you – on request – about the specific spare parts inventory and the optimal maintenance cycles. You may benefit from useful modifications and innovations.

For all original spare parts DÜCHTING PUMPEN offers warranties. The spare parts we supply are of the highest quality and thus keep equipment operating reliably over the years.
To avoid downtime, DÜCHTING PUMPEN handles all orders as soon as possible and to the satisfaction of the customer. Ideally, with worldwide shipment of spare parts within 24 hours possible.

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Learn more about our employees and their motivation, personalities and careers at DÜCHTING PUMPEN.

people @ düchting

As you know, DÜCHTING PUMPEN is a family business, therefore the people “behind the brand” are an important part. In our section “People at DÜCHTING” you will have the possibility to get to know more about choosen personalities and their tasks in the company.

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View the latest news, updates and stories around DÜCHTING PUMPEN, its products & services. Learn more about our partner from around the world and our projects.

CRU 2024

26 - 28 February 2024

Warsaw / Poland


with D. Zahn, Sales Director
and P. Penkalla, Sales / Project Manager Europe & Asia


With its unique combination of strategic insights from industry leaders, and ...

With its unique combination of strategic insights from industry leaders, and technical and operational developments, CRU Phosphates provided a welcome opportunity for the industry to reconnect in-person for important discussion, debate and business development. The event will connect a global audience from across the international supply chain involved in the phosphate fertilizer, feed and industrial industries. Attendees learnt how the latest technologies are driving sustainability and efficiency improvements in the phosphate industry.

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Life cycle costs

Let Us Help You Take Your Business To New Heights

Evaluating the Life-Cycle-Costs will identify the most financially attractive alternative. The initial purchase price is a very small part of the life cycle cost for high usage pumps. Minimizing energy consumption and plant downtime have a big influence on the total Life-Cycle-Costs.


Quality through experience – Since 1938.

In the 1950’s, the company’s founder Wilhelm Düchting owned and operated “Repair Shops Wilhelm Düchting”-where he and his colleagues repaired pumps from neighboring industries, predominantly mining. They quickly developed a specialty in the repair of dewatering pumps from neighboring mines, which resulted in Wilhelm Düchting deciding to begin the construction of a new pump factory which would focus on the manufacturing of high pressure, mine dewatering pumps.

With the knowledge and experience gained from their pump repairs, they quickly developed their own pump series only a few years after opening the pump factory. This first high-pressure pump series, the HK 10, rapidly spread and even to this day is the dewatering pump of choice for mines in the Rhine and Ruhr areas of Germany. At its peak, the German coal industry had approximately 1,000 DÜCHTING HK pumps in operation.

The series expanded in the 1960’s with the achievement of the HK 200 series, resulting in the ability to lift water from depths of up to 1200 meters with a single pump. With this capability, main drainage was born in the German mining industry.

In the following years, DÜCHTING PUMPEN increasingly focused on developing more wear-resistant, single stage pumps with its first significant success in 1963 with the largest ever built dual flow water pump series PK 60.

Under the management of the founder’s son Dr. -Ing Wolfgang Düchting, a new series of wear resistant pumps were developed in 1978 for the treatment of coal. Of these series, the DH tank pump series provided the greatest wear resistance.

Due to the beginning of new environmental measures related to desulfurization and gas-gleaning of fossil-fired power plants and industrial facilities in 1986, a major boom and market need was developed for a new single-stage, highly wear resistant pump from the DÜCHTING line.

As a result, in the beginning of the 1990’s DÜCHTING PUMPEN developed a new non-metallic material that exhibited extreme resistance to wear and corrosion, particularly in relation to gas-cleaning applications. The development of this mineral cast material technology, which consists of silicon carbide particles bonded with an epoxy resin, mainly focused around the innovation and discovery of the optimum particle size distribution of the silicon carbide particles to optimize the material’s bonding strength.

For the production and processing of the SiC mineral-cast material, SICcast Mineralguß GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1996. DÜCHTING PUMPEN had large initial successes with this SICcast material, specifically in gas cleaning applications in waste incineration plants in which the corrosion-specific attributes of the process are significantly challenging for high-alloy stainless steels. For problematic corrosive and abrasive applications, the new SICcast material became an ideal alternative for expensive metallic materials, standard ceramic materials, and highly abrasive plastics.

By the late 1990’s, DÜCHTING PUMPEN began replacing steel pumps utilized in Flue Gas Desulfurization with a SICcast alternative, with initial installments taking place in foreign installations. Since the early 2000’s, SICcast single-stage pumps have been utilized for all new domestic FGD installations, with installations continuing to grow domestically and internationally.

Parallel to the discovery of single stage SICcast pumps in the 1990’s, there were also additional developments taking place in the DÜCHTING group regarding the high-pressure pumping sector.

The series of high pressure DÜCHTING pumps were expanded and refined, resulting in additional applications such as membrane feed pumps in desalination plants and booster pumps in pressure exchanger programs. Innovations in these series focused on requirements regarding energy efficiency and optimization. The most recent innovations and developments in these fields can be seen in both the DÜCHTING high pressure and single stage SICcast pump series.

In 1998 an additional company was added to the DÜCHTING group with the incorporation of “DÜCHTING Walzen Service” which caters to paper mills providing rollers and other accessories.

DÜCHTING firmly understands and believes in the significance of a pumping system as a single component in the overall process of an industrial facility. Our focus on the success of our pumping system and our customers has and will continue to be one of our biggest advantages as a company!

Today, under the Managing Director Dr.-Ing Carsten Düchting, DÜCHTING PUMPEN focuses on the worldwide marketing of products by both DÜCHTING PUMPEN and SICcast. This marketing is achieved through its partners located around the world, and through its own office branches in North America, South America, Russia, South Africa, and Kazakhstan. Further strategies are continually being developed to increase this marketing effort and to provide products and services to new challenging applications worldwide.


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