Our selection of centrifugal pumps in single-stage or multi-stage design.


Robust, highly wear-resistant single-stage centrifugal pump with closed impeller and wear plates on suction and bearing side.
  • Pumping of media with high sliding wear as well as on mechanical impact by high levels of coarse grain (grain size up to 200 mm)
  • The design allows the use of very hard materials => min. 550 HB
  • Suction: axial
  • Discharge: tangential
  • Axially adjustable impeller
  • Shaft sealing by stuffing box or mechanical seal
  • Various impeller shapes are possible (e.g. 2- or 3-vaned)
  • Different arrangements available (e.g. vertical)
  • Back pullout design (the complete rotating assembly can be removed while the casing remains on its position)
  • Durable, oil or grease lubricated bearings
  • Direct or belt driven
  • Usage as underwater pump through special assemblies possible
  • Counterclockwise rotation design possible

Technical Data

Pump Size: 8″ to 16″
max. Pressure: 150 PSI
max. Flow: 22000 gpm
Total head: up to 245 ft
Rotating speed: to 900 rpm


Fields of Application

Particularly suitable for pumping highly abrasive and corrosive media with fine to very coarse solids.

  • Special foundation
  • Mechanised tunneling
  • Gravel and Sand Industry
  • Mining
  • Ash Handling
  • Furnaces
  • Offshore applications
  • Traffic tunneling
  • Supply tunnelling
  • zinc oxide production
  • Sugar industry


Spiral casing:   0.9650 (quenched and tempered)
Impeller: 0.9650 (quenched and tempered)
Shaft: 0.9650 (quenched and tempered)
Mechanical seal:  1.0503 (C45)

Standards & Approvals

Manufactured according to DIN / ASME


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