Our selection of centrifugal pumps in single-stage or multi-stage design.


Single stage vertical centrifugal, sleeve-bearing pump.
  • Handling of abrasive and corrosive liquids
  • Vertical mixed flow pump designed for desalination plants to work as intake pump
  • Suitable for a wide flow range
  • Suction flange: Vertical
  • Discharge flange: radial
  • SICcast – inlet housing and diffuser withstand hard particles
  • Shaft sealing by a single acting mechanical seal
  • Polygon sleeve bearings support long shafts and protect against vibration. Radial bearings made of SiC on SiC
  • The modular design makes it possible to produce extremely large pumps at low costs
  • Easily disassambled wear plate
  • Optimized design to allow material choice

Technical Data

Pump Size:6″ to 40″
max. Pressure:115 PSI
max. Flow:55000 gpm
Total head:up to 180 ft
Rotating speed:to 1800 rpm


Fields of Application

Handling of abrasive and corrosive media.

  • Seawater intake
  • Water treatment plants
  • Cooling in power plants


All wetted parts (except shaft) are made of metal free materials to avoid corrosion totally.

Different shaft materials available according to the application requirements.

All hydraulic parts and the Discharge bend are manufactured in SICcast. Anti-corrosion lifetime guarantee for all SICcast parts in seawater applications.


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