Our selection of centrifugal pumps in single-stage or multi-stage design.


Horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump in back pullout design.
  • Pumping of abrasive and corrosive liquids
  • All components which are in contact with the liquid are made of SICcast
  • Suction flange: Axial
  • Discharge flange: Top (Vertical)
  • Closed impeller with three-dimensionally curved vanes
  • Impeller is key driven; reverse rotation (e.g. back-flushing) is possible
  • Re-adjustable inclined gap between impeller and volute casing to optimize the efficiency and differential pressure after longer operation
  • Single acting, metal free mechanical seal DÜTEC with springs located outside of the liquid (other seal types available)
  • Oil-lubricated antifriction bearings
  • Back pullout design (the complete rotating assembly can be removed while the casing remains on its position)
  • In many applications the wear life of SICcast greatly exceeds convential materials
  • Available with heavy-duty bearing units for extreme applications
  • Optimized design ensures easy maintenance and long service life even under difficult conditions

Technical Data

Pump Size:1 1/4″ to 12″
max. Pressure:150 PSI
max. Flow:6600 gpm
Total head:up to 300 ft
Rotating speed:to 3600 rpm


Fields of Application

Pumping of abrasive and corrosive media

  • Flue gas desulfurization
  • Incinerators
  • Pigment industry
  • Chem. industry
  • Water treatment
  • Seawater desalination plants
  • Fertilizer industry / Potash industry


Spiral casing:   SICcast

Impeller:   SICcast

Shaft:   1.4462

Mechanical seal:   Silicon carbide (SiC)


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