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Thanks to the in-house development and use of the ceramic material SICcast, it has also been possible for DÜCHTING PUMPEN to offer optimal pump designs for heavily corrosive and abrasive fluids in the chemical and related industries.

SICcast surpasses the wear resistance of high alloy chrome steels and alloys many times over. With relatively few restrictions, the corrosion resistance of this new material is frequently better or at least equal to that of expensive alloys, which helps to reduce life-cycle costs of problem- or borderline cases considerably. For more information on this new material, please download our lecture on “Lowering Life-Cycle Costs with SIC-Mineral Cast”.

In contrast to plastic pumps, impellers of the MC/MCC series are fitted with Francis vanes; the efficiency improvement which results from this method further helps to reduce the operating costs.

When pumping corrosive and abrasive media, decisive advantages are offered by the absolutely metal-free pumping chamber of the MC/MCC series, which can be achieved with both our single-acting mechanical seal DÜTEC, as well as with various double-acting mechanical seals.

By using a paintable SIC-mineral cast, called SIConit, it has furthermore become possible to repair worn metal surfaces or similar materials. For more information on this new material, please order or download our data sheet on SIConit.


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